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Owner Jim Slaughter
Owner Jim Slaughter

Zebulon Pawn has been a fixture in downtown Zebulon for over 15 years. ZJP was moved to it's current location on Arendell Street about 8 years ago. Business has always been good, and we needed more space for all of our pawn inventory. This allowed us to keep more items on display at all times and actually take in more items from our customers.

Jim Slaughter

Owner Jim Slaughter
Owner Jim Slaughter

Owner Jim Slaughter is the center of the business. Between his love for music (actually a playing guitarist with a local band) and his love for guns, there probably isn't anyone better to be at the helm of a pawn shop. Both guns and guitars are very popular pawn items when the economy gets tough.

Jim is a storehouse of information on a number of things, but particularly music and guns Here Jim gets into a long discussion about a particular gun in the shop. If you need to know anything about either of these things, just ask Jim!

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